Subject: Emergency! 7th Season
21/02/2021 @ 18:34:49: rjluna2: Emergency! 7th Season
There are two different version of these episode of 7th season on Emergency! There are the 2-hour version episodes and 1-hour version episodes in that season. I have 2-hour version on DVD and I will be marking different episode listed in parallel with IMDb's listing.

I'll mark them accordingly as I progressed with these 7th season as I update/upload these pictures at So far, I found at least three 2-hour version listed in this season.

IMDb listed them 1-hour version at:

Let me know if you have further question about this season episode listing.
21/02/2021 @ 21:04:10: night cub: Emergency! 7th Season
Looks like a mistake on IMDB, they usually don't follow the syndicated ep numbers. And it's so strange that it's just the first 3 eps that are split and not the other 3 (which is just 2 eps of new material, it seems)
22/02/2021 @ 15:05:01: rjluna2: Emergency! 7th Season
Thanks, night cub.

I'll go ahead and contribute as 6 episode for this season as it is listed in there.!_episodes#Television_films_(1978–- 79)