Subject: Nissan Nomenclature
27/07/2021 @ 16:31:13: dhill_cb7: Nissan Nomenclature
Good morning fellow admins,

I found 2 sources that might be of use to all of us here at IMCDb. I haven't really been able to check the authenticity of all the markets but I wanted to see what other admins find correct or incorrect in the findings.

I was looking at Nissan Frontiers [D22] and located two sources with worldwide nomenclature for a lot of Nissan makes. The second source is a breakdown on the [D22] specifically.

Please take a look at this Nissan Global PDF and see if there are errors. WE might be able to use it as a source for certain markets when we are unable to locate a name for the specific truck/SUV/car.

Global nomenclature:
D22 breakdown:

Thanks in advance :grin:
27/07/2021 @ 19:03:52: dhill_cb7: Nissan Nomenclature
Seems the [D22] was called Big M Frontier in Thailand:

You will have to translate Thai in order to read that one.
30/07/2021 @ 12:33:14: dhill_cb7: Nissan Nomenclature
Seems Mexico used both NP300 and Frontier. Former seems to be commercial version while latter is civilian version.

In 2011, using thewaybackmachine, both names are used. You need to click on vehiculos and then you can select comerciales or SUVs/Pick-Up’s.
30/07/2021 @ 12:42:22: 48bux: Nissan Nomenclature
These were the versions sold in Italy:
The nomenclature seems to be, Pickup - cab style - trim level (eventually Navara), so Navara doesn't seem to be used as a model name for this generation here, unlike the following [D40]. Also, I think EU models were all built by Nissan Motor Iberica in Barcelona :wink:
30/07/2021 @ 12:43:50: 48bux: Nissan Nomenclature
Also, here are some information about South African built NP300/Hardbody:
03/08/2021 @ 20:22:40: dhill_cb7: Nissan Nomenclature
Some links for Brazil.

Few Brazilian sources say this face lift debuted in 2002 for the 2003 MY.


Debuted at the October 2002 show as a 2003 line:
07/08/2021 @ 18:58:38: 48bux: Nissan Nomenclature
Two screenshots from Nissan Colombia website in 2012 and 2013, thanks to the wayback machine:
08/08/2021 @ 16:59:17: dhill_cb7: Nissan Nomenclature
Quick update for the NA market. I am changing the 2001-2004 Frontiers as the 2002 press release shows us the Crew Cab Long Bed debuted for that year:

Following the 2001 Frontier’s dramatic restyling and addition of the first available factory-installed supercharged V6 in the compact truck class, the 2002 model adds two new major enhancements – a completely upgraded interior with an available Rockford Fosgate?-powered audio system (Crew Cab only) and the Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed, with the longest bed in the compact crew cab truck class. The new 2002 Frontier lineup goes on sale at Nissan retailers nationwide in early August.
09/08/2021 @ 01:56:22: Exiv96: Nissan Nomenclature
This thread might be more useful in the "Naming convetions" area of the forum, IMHO.
09/08/2021 @ 03:19:34: dhill_cb7: Nissan Nomenclature
Maybe antp could move? My apologies.
09/08/2021 @ 08:11:48: antp: Nissan Nomenclature
10/08/2021 @ 16:10:45: dhill_cb7: Nissan Nomenclature
^^ Thank you antp.

The [D22] Navara for EU at least was only built in Thailand or Japan. The [D22] was never built in Spain. The [D40] began Spanish built models and there were a few instances were Japanese models were intermixed (two crisis in Thailand the 2012 Floods and some type of crisis in 2008).