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i always go to this website when i look for interesting cars as a second choice to this. It a danish website where you upload videos and pictures of cars. I call it my univers of cars and i always spend too much time looking for cars i've ever even dreamed of.
A car I have spottet around here a couple of times this past year. Is it some London taxi prototype?

Vehicle details
Vehicle make: LONDON TAXIS INT
Date of first registration: August 2017
Year of manufacture: 2017
Cylinder capacity (cc): Not available
CO₂Emissions: 0 g/km
Fuel type: Not available
Euro Status: Not available
Export marker: No
Vehicle status: SORN in place
Vehicle colour: WHITE
Vehicle type approval: Not available
Wheelplan: 2-AXLE-RIGID BODY
Revenue weight: Not available
Cars and other stuff seen on Orkney - Sept 2018 (pt 4 of 4) - assorted post-WW2 onwards

1946 Riley RMA (1479cc)

1957 MGA

1955 MG Magnette ZA (not the same one (BS 4763) as seen in Venus Peter but the registrations are very close and 4763 apparently still lives locally) and lovely 1970 Cortina Lotus Mk2

1961 Consul Classic - one of 13 sold in Orkney

1962 Minor 1000 (1098cc) with shiny paint but underlying rust

1965 Imp, slightly boy-racered

absolutely gorgeous 1968 Austin Mini Cooper S :love:

1970 Austin 3-Litre with rust issues

1972 Triumph 2000 Mk2

- I used to get brochures from its supplying garage when I were a nipper

1979 Capri 3.0 Ghia

1982 Cortina 2.0 GL

1985 Trabant 601S (UK registered July 2017) with UK Wartburg/Trabant/IFA owner club window sticker

1991 Lancia Delta HF Turbo ie

"1970 Mini Clubman Estate" but a modern build by Stallard Engineering on an unused 1970s bare shell, with 1999 Cooper MPi 1275cc bits, modified Reliant Robin estate/van rear door and Cortina Mk5 estate rear lights

1996 Mini Cooper 35 Anniversary Edition (200 made; P35 DBS listed as a 1996 Mini Equinox, but fairly sure this is a genuine Cooper 35)

2000 Daimler Super V8 with custom plate

for Sandie - 2004 MG TF
Cars and other stuff seen on Orkney - Sept 2018 (pt3) - Pre-WW2 things - some Orkney Vintage Club locally owned and a visiting group on tour

1926 Alvis 12/50 TG Cross & Ellis tourer (RW 8738, chassis 4575)

1928 Austin unknown (DVLA says 1861cc)

1924 Chenard et Walcker unknown (TS 4609; DVLA says 2979cc), visitor from Pateley Bridge (North Yorkshire)

1930 Delage unknown (SC 9461, DVLA says 3161cc), body by Van Vooren

1932 Lagonda Speed Drophead Coupé bodied by Carlton - identified online as 2 litre but DVLA says 3013cc (KY 1610)

1933 Lea-Francis unknown (UC 1980, DVLA says 1479cc)

1923 Morris Bullnose something (SY 2076, DVLA says 1479cc)
Mystery Man
When I looked through my pictures on my phone, I found a few interesting and rare vehicles, although not many yet. But I wanted to show them here ...

Opel Speedster, here in Bayreuth, Bavaria in May 2016.

An old-looking van, maybe made by Asquith, near the London Eye in November 2017.

My alltime favourite but rare van: 2003 (by plate) Renault Avantime. Here at a beach in Mallorca 2018.

US Army AM General HMMWV M1037 on a German highway this September.

Mercedes-Benz 280 S [W108] in the Spree Forest last week.

And today: Toyota Carina E [T190] in my home town. Nowadays rare here.
Cars and other stuff seen on Orkney - Sept 2018 (pt2) - bikes and trikes, Orkney Vintage Club display

Classic Brits trio - Matchless, Ariel and BSA

Pair of pretty Honda phut-phuts

Macho 1942 Harley 750cc

2003 Boom Mustang trike from Germany with new plate - can be hired out for local weddings, chauffeured sightseeing tours etc, explaining the taxi plate on rear. However anyone who knows Orkney weather might prefer to look elsewhere for their special day

VW-based trike "Barbie" - no idea if this is a real name
[...]Chevrolet - I can't remember what the emblem on it showed

Apparently a short bed, meaning a ½-ton model. The emblem should then be 3100. 1951 only model, due to the 1947-51 door handle and the 1951+ door vent window.

[...]Chevrolet Suburban (year range?)

@rjluna2: The vertical black parts in the egg-crate grille could also indicate a 1970 model :wink:
Cars and other stuff seen on Orkney - Sept 2018 (pt1)

Visiting 2002 Noble M12 GTO (seems to live on Scottish mainland)

Derelict double-decker Metro - conversion seems to be called Chairman (ho-bleeding-ho!) built by Gowrings - "We Have Been Putting The Wheelchair User At The Heart Of Our Conversions For Over 50 Years"

Locally owned 1991 Honda Beat, imported 2009, has just done a trip to Finland

Auction notice from 2013
I'm back!

Recently cleaned up my iPhotos, and was on the lookout for the rarest, most unusual car I could find (that I haven't posted yet) Trying to not post cars that were common then and rare now, which is kinda hard - I'd post tons of 80s and 90s Mitsubishis, Toyotas, Kias, Mazdas and Hyundais here otherwise.

These were already a very slow seller when they were, I don't ever recall seeing one on the road here:
Pictures taken in October 2010, when there were still a lot of 80s and 90s cars on German roads.

Only six of these on the site...

Don't know about the US, but in Germany this whale is extinct:

Yes, they had a short market presence here, but compared to Hyundai and Kia they were absolute junk:

...and a little something for tonkatracker:
The three above pictures were taken in July 2011.

Berlin taxis are usually E-Classes or Tourans, but sometimes...
On the airport, on my way to Tallinn I even saw a big 80s FWD Caddy as a taxi! Didn't photograph it though.
Picture taken in June 2015.

A 9-year-old me in 2001, but I remember my neighbor having that old 50s car back there on the right - anybody know what it might be? I've always been curious.

Nice to see you! Your neighbors car is a 1958 Ford Custom 300 Fordor Sedan :smile:
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