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Collectible Automobile, Volume 37, Number 6, April 2021:

For Commander 57 and somename:

1980-83 Lincoln Continental Mark VI: Luxury on a Different Scale, Page 8

For ingo and tore-40:

1970-76 Porsche 914: Making a Bid for Respectability, Page 46

Photo Features: 1962 Dodge Custom 880 Convertible Coupe, Page 56

Cheap Wheels: 1975-77 Oldsmobile Omega F-85, Page 87
Collectible Automobile, Volume 36, Number 3, October 2019:

Collectible Comments, page 4:

I have purchased every edition of your simply outstanding magazine since number one. The latest edition contained an excellent article on the 1961-64 full-size "Jet-smooth" Chevrolets but to my disappointment this article made absolutely no mention of the export rhd and lhd Chevrolets.

Export Chevrolets were manufactured and assembled in fully built form and also in completely knocked-down form at the former GM Tarrytown plant in New York State. These unique vehicles were then exported to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, and Indonesia. I have attached two photos of my export rhd 1962 Impala sport sedan, a Tarrytown-assembled car exported to Australia early in 1962.

I really believe that the article in your magazine would have benefited considerably had it included details of the export (particularly rhd) 1961-64 Chevrolets.

Carl Kelsen
via E-mail

I am wondering if this does apply to all full size Chevrolet up to 1969 model year :think:
Collectible Automobile, Volume 36, Number 1: June 2019:

1961-64 Chevrolet: A Jet-Smooth World of Worth, page 8 :bigglasses:

For Animatronixx:

1959 Edsel Amblewagon Ambulance, page 74.
Collectible Automobile, Volume 34, Number 5; February 2018:

Collectible Comment, page 4:

I really enjoyed the article on 1975-79 Chevrolet Novas. For many years I thought cars like these would never be featured in full-length CA articles.

Here in Mexico, the late-Seventies Novas were produced and sold by General Motors de México for the 1975-78 model years. The Mexican 1975-78 Chevrolet Nova was launched in the fall of 1974 in two body styles: hatchback coupe and four-door sedan, both offered only with the 250-cid I-6 engine. For the 1976 model year, a Malibu V-8 were launched, available in both body styles. For 1977, a new model, called Nova Concours, was added, available in either body styles and with the option of V-8 power.

Also new for 1977 in Mexico was a Malibu Rallye model, a new sporty coupe correspondent to the American Nova Rallye model. This local coupe was powered by a four-barrel 350-cid V-8 engine mated to a four-on-floor manual gearbox. The Malibu Rallye wore a unique blackout grille with horizontal turn signals (the same as in the ’76 American Chevrolet Nova SS) and unique trim, badging, and decals.

Mexican 1977-78 Nova Concurs coupes and sedans were very similar to their contemporary namestakes except for one detail that must be noted: Mexican 1978 Nova Concurs models wore a contemporary Buick Skylark fascia, grille, bezels, bumper, and hood. This detail should make the 1978 Chevrolet Nova Concours models worth searching and collecting, if just very few reasonablu maintained examples exist.

Mexican Malibu Rally coupes are seldom seen in Mexican antique-car shows, so well-kept survivors must also command a premium.

The entire Chevrolet Nova [line] was replaced by the new (at least in the Mexican market) 1979 European-styled Chevrolet Malibu and Chevelle lineup.

Javier De La Garza
Mexico City, Mexico

Hiding in Plan Sight: Basic Cars of the Fifties, page 8.

Well-Toned Muscle: The 1968-70 Dodge Charger Story, page 42.

Sideline: Watch It! The Chargers From Hollywood, page 53.

(This sideline discussed about the black Charger R/T from Bullitt, 1969 Charger from Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, and ’69 Charger from Dukes of Hazzard.)

1979-85 Cadillac Eldorado: Return on Investment, page 62.
Here is one Collectible Comment letter at page 5 of the Collectible Automobile, Volume 34, Number 4, December 2017.

I was very pleased to see one of my favorite antique cars, the 1980-83 Chrysler Corodoba featured in Collectible Automobile® magazine.

Here in Mexico, the second-generation Cordoba was offered for the 1980-82 model years, and was produced locally in the Toluca, Estado de México, facility of Chrysler de México. The sole power-plant available was Chrysler’s 360-cid engine (good for 210 bhp at 4300 rpm and 290 pound-feet of torque at 2800 rpm; 1982 Chrysler de México official data) offered either a four-speed manual (very rare) of three-speed TorqueFlite auto.

The second-generation Cordoba competed versus the new-for-1981 (in the Mexican market) Chevrolet Monte Carlo and did a good job.

Congratulations to the CA team for giving dignity to the American automobiles of the post-1975 era.

Javier De La Garza
Mexico City, Mexico

For more information of the assembly plant:
Collectible Automobile, Volume 34, Number 3; October 2017:

1975-79 Chevrolet Nova: On-Target Parting Shot, page 8.

For atom:

Getting Things Rolling: The Volvo PV in America, 1955-65; page 42.

For Commander 57 and somename:

Photo Feature: 1968 Lincoln Continental Four-Door Sedan

Cheap Wheels: 1980-81 Dodge Omni 024 De Tomaso, page 84.
just discovered it is available in my city.. i'd have to get nearly to the other end of the island but i thought it was in US only
Collectible Automobile, Volume 34, Number 2; August 2017:

For sthor:

1965-70 Shelby GT: The Thoroughbred Mustang, page 8.
Border Crossing: The Story of the Shelby de Mexico, page 22-23 (Mexican made Shelby Mustang from 1967 to 1969 model years).

1980-83 Chrysler Cordoba: Heading For the Exits, page 30.

For dsl:

Photo Feature: 1958 Ford Consul Convertible Coupe, page 42
Origin: UK, Made for: USA
The owner of this example converted from three-speed stickshift to automatic transmission from Ford Zephyr (6-cylinder version).

For rtsbusman1997 and Ford_Guy:

Cheap Wheels: 2001-03 Mercury Grand Marquis LSE, page 84.
I have been subscribing this magazine for almost 25 years now. I don't know if your local or other magazine store sells them there. But, there is a website you can look at:
I'd like to read that article. But I'm afraid there's no reseller on this side of the ocean :wink:
Did you buy the magazine?
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