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It's a rebodied Austin Healey Sprite, originally released as the Innocenti 950 Spider, developed when Innocenti had licencing arrangements to assemble BMC stuff such as the the Austin A40 Farina and subsequently Minis, 1100s and even Allegros. They didn't think the Frogeye Sprite looked right, so commissioned a restyle by Ghia’s Tom Tjaarda who later did the Fiat 124 Spider, Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 and 365 GT California, De Tomaso Pantera and the first Ford Fiesta. Spider production started in 1961 with the coupĂ© a late addition from 1967-68 (794 made according to other sources, rather than 487 as mentioned in the ad). A pretty thing.
night cub
So Bring-a-Trailer has a car I've never heard of before as a feature now:

1969 Innocenti C Coupe for sale in Turin. Auction ends tomorrow.
yeah.. looks like it comes from a Fusion ( or 2008/09 Taurus/Taurus X )
not that bad but i'd prefer the original grille
The grille looks off too. This just doesn’t work.
Not exactly eBay but someone decided the 1998-2011 Crown Vic wasn't complicated enough so he added a new variant

or maybe he just loved the Marauder concept and did not had the heart to do it with a real one ( or couldn't get one )
night cub
One of today's feature cars on Hemmings is for Reg1992:
Thanks - nice, but slush box and US emissions bits mean probably no faster than a milk float. We had a gold one for a few months in 1976 (OHP 800P, in Copper Beech) - my dad liked driving it, the pillarless format was fun, and it was roomier than expected for a family of 4, but it always looked a bit clumsy - used too many stock components - Hunter doors, estate rear lights etc to really look convincing.
night cub
One for DSL (and definitely not Ingo, sorry!):

Not eBay, but Bring-a-Trailer is auctioning a Sunbeam Alpine GT in red:

"This 1970 Sunbeam Alpine GT received a major cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment prior to the seller’s purchase out of Oregon four years ago. Power comes from a 1725cc inline-four equipped with dual Stromberg carburetors and paired to a three-speed automatic transmission. Within the past 2,000 miles the seller has performed a tune-up, replaced the starter, installed a set of new points, and repaired sections the floor. This Sunbeam is now being offered with four years of records and a clear Washington State title in the seller’s name."

More pics and videos:
I found something for Lateef, a 1986 VW Quantum GL5 Wagon:

These almost never pop-up on e-Bay here.

Takes me back to my teenage years. My dad had two Passats in the 1980s, a silver 1983 sedan and a black 1987 sedan. They were great cars! First car I ever drove to 100mph.

It has one of the funny US-made wannabe-German-plates :grin:

With such a 32B-Passat
I even drove "VDO" :banzai:
As on this pic visible:
Same speedo for the basic version, up to 200 km/h and without rev.counter.

It was my dad's car, a 1981 LS with the 1.6 liter-75 hp-engine, the manual 4-speed-gearbox, 165-tires and without catalytic converter.
The older it was, the faster it goes. The first time I was really shocked, when I drove full throttle down an Autobahn-hill and noticed the speedo-needle on the 190 km/h-bar :eek:
The offical max.speed is 164 km/h.
Of course I tried to get more every time I drove that car - and I was successful. Of course it was no real 220 km/h, but close to 200 km/h it was anyways.

With over 200.000 km on the clock, the Passat started to burn oil. I liked that, because there was a perfect trick to get rid of tailgaters (a serious problem on every German Autobahn:
Driving full throttle, at best downwards a hill, let the Bimmer or Benz coming closer, lifting up the gas pedal jerkingly, let the car roll for 1-2 seconds - and then make also jerkingly a kickdown: I couldn't see the car behind me any more, so thick was the blue cloud whiffing out of the exhaust :ddr555:

Years later I had an own 32B-Passat, a 1987 Variant GT as
(1.8 liter, 90 hp, manual 5-speed-gearbox, catalytic converter and 195-tires). There VDO-driving was not possible any more, even after we had emptied the catalysator.
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