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I'm not good at identifying lengths in pictures, but this truck is more likely made on a ¾-ton wheelbase (125¼" / 3.18 m) or a heavy-duty one (134½" / 3.41 m), not on the wheelbase of a Light Delivery (115" / 2.92 m): clearly not an "AK", for me. But a lot of people (even owners, apparently) use mistakenly that name...

Except for the cab and the (GMC) grille, there's in fact nothing left from the original truck. But even if the engine is not the original one, the 160 mph speedometer is maybe a bit optimistic? :grin:
[...] I'm not usually into mods, but there was something futuristic about this 1942 Chevy AK:

The generic yet unofficial 'Art Deco' name would probably be a better identification, especially if it's a genuine 1942 truck: AK model code was just for the 1941 ½-ton model, (AL, AM & AM for ¾-ton trucks, AR for heavy-duty models, that year). If sure of a 1942 ½-ton model, it's then a BK, but it really looks like a heavy-duty model. And it has a GMC grille, but this could be due to the mod.
night cub
Part 2:

Grumman-Olson Kurbside: IMG_1933

1966 Olds 442: IMG_1954

A dirty 1994 Mazda MX-6 LS: IMG_1964

1966 Plymouth Valiant V-200: IMG_1978

1970 Dodge Super Bee: IMG_1971

1964 Ford Thunderbird: IMG_1989

Midget and the Boss: IMG_2001b

Pair of LeSabres, a yellow 1963 and a black 1964: IMG_2076 IMG_1710

1978 Plymouth Volare Road Runner and 1979 Dodge Aspen coupes: IMG_2094 IMG_2099

1988 Chevy Celebrity wagon: IMG_2131

1981 Olds Ninety-Eight Regency: IMG_2169

1957 Cadillac Coupe: IMG_1708

1964 Cadillac Sedan: IMG_2166

1969 DeVille Convertible in Wisteria: IMG_2155

1955 Packard Patrician: IMG_2175

1984 Porsche 911: IMG_2189b

GTO: IMG_2207

This Chevy convertible was "Xtra Krispy": IMG_1745

Chevy "Esso" pickup: IMG_2011

And finally this Ford F-350 wearing what could have been the theme for this show: IMG_2007 IMG_2009
night cub
Car Show from April - Part 1:

1974 Opel Manta, owner told me he also has a blue Opel GT that he takes to shows: IMG_1682

Ford F-350: IMG_1701

1972 Hahn Fire Truck: IMG_1712

Plymouth Belvedere: IMG_1734

1969 Olds Toronado, owners bought it last year, just had the interior done, exterior work next: IMG_1762

Triumph TR-3: IMG_1765

1965 Cadillac Sedan DeVille: IMG_1779

1963 Fleetwood Eldorado: IMG_1792

1961 Pontiac Bonneville convertible: IMG_1813b

1955 Chevy Wagon: IMG_1822

Ford Customline: IMG_1833

1966 El Camino: IMG_1845

Ruby 1971 and Plum 1970 Dart Swingers: IMG_1805 IMG_1857

Pontiac Sedan Delivery: IMG_1865

Early Chevy Vega: IMG_1892

1968 Imperial LeBaron: IMG_1907b
@rjluna2 - It did not have SS badges

Drat :ohwell:
night cub
Some of the more interesting cars on the inside (the dealership cars):

We'll start with my favorite one, a 1961 Corvair 700 Lakewood wagon: IMG_1379

1978 Olds Cutlass Salon Brougham, another oddball car that I like even though they are universally hated: IMG_1479

1964 Rambler American convertible: IMG_1485

1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham coupe, it's sold already: IMG_1363

1956 New Yoker next to a 1960 Olds Super 88 IMG_1455b

Couple of 50s Fairlanes in Easter colors: IMG_1527b

School bus colored 1971 MG B-GT: IMG_1619b

1989 Alfa Spider Quadrifoglio: IMG_1351

1971 Trans Am: IMG_1558

A whole row of Cobra replicas: IMG_1559b

I'm not usually into mods, but there was something futuristic about this 1942 Chevy AK: IMG_1467

A couple Plymouths, a 1968 GTX and a 1973 Duster 340: IMG_1538b

1969 Cougar convertible: IMG_1566

1972 Olds 442 convertible: IMG_1577

1975 Avanti II: IMG_1599

More pics here:
:love: that yellow Nomad..

As much as i love the General, its nice to see original ones :smile:
The first show of the year for me, was a small one held at a classic car dealership. It wasn't bad weather for the end of March (it was warmer that day then it is here today)

Outside (the actual show):

[sic] green one matches the one in the 1973 brochure: IMG_1301

I see you found Ranger XLT trim level :smile:

Is that Super Sport package?
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