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night cub
Part 2:

Grumman-Olson Kurbside: IMG_1933

1966 Olds 442: IMG_1954

A dirty 1994 Mazda MX-6 LS: IMG_1964

1966 Plymouth Valiant V-200: IMG_1978

1970 Dodge Super Bee: IMG_1971

1964 Ford Thunderbird: IMG_1989

Midget and the Boss: IMG_2001b

Pair of LeSabres, a yellow 1963 and a black 1964: IMG_2076 IMG_1710

1978 Plymouth Volare Road Runner and 1979 Dodge Aspen coupes: IMG_2094 IMG_2099

1988 Chevy Celebrity wagon: IMG_2131

1981 Olds Ninety-Eight Regency: IMG_2169

1957 Cadillac Coupe: IMG_1708

1964 Cadillac Sedan: IMG_2166

1969 DeVille Convertible in Wisteria: IMG_2155

1955 Packard Patrician: IMG_2175

1984 Porsche 911: IMG_2189b

GTO: IMG_2207

This Chevy convertible was "Xtra Krispy": IMG_1745

Chevy "Esso" pickup: IMG_2011

And finally this Ford F-350 wearing what could have been the theme for this show: IMG_2007 IMG_2009
night cub
Car Show from April - Part 1:

1974 Opel Manta, owner told me he also has a blue Opel GT that he takes to shows: IMG_1682

Ford F-350: IMG_1701

1972 Hahn Fire Truck: IMG_1712

Plymouth Belvedere: IMG_1734

1969 Olds Toronado, owners bought it last year, just had the interior done, exterior work next: IMG_1762

Triumph TR-3: IMG_1765

1965 Cadillac Sedan DeVille: IMG_1779

1963 Fleetwood Eldorado: IMG_1792

1961 Pontiac Bonneville convertible: IMG_1813b

1955 Chevy Wagon: IMG_1822

Ford Customline: IMG_1833

1966 El Camino: IMG_1845

Ruby 1971 and Plum 1970 Dart Swingers: IMG_1805 IMG_1857

Pontiac Sedan Delivery: IMG_1865

Early Chevy Vega: IMG_1892

1968 Imperial LeBaron: IMG_1907b
@rjluna2 - It did not have SS badges

Drat :ohwell:
night cub
Some of the more interesting cars on the inside (the dealership cars):

We'll start with my favorite one, a 1961 Corvair 700 Lakewood wagon: IMG_1379

1978 Olds Cutlass Salon Brougham, another oddball car that I like even though they are universally hated: IMG_1479

1964 Rambler American convertible: IMG_1485

1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham coupe, it's sold already: IMG_1363

1956 New Yoker next to a 1960 Olds Super 88 IMG_1455b

Couple of 50s Fairlanes in Easter colors: IMG_1527b

School bus colored 1971 MG B-GT: IMG_1619b

1989 Alfa Spider Quadrifoglio: IMG_1351

1971 Trans Am: IMG_1558

A whole row of Cobra replicas: IMG_1559b

I'm not usually into mods, but there was something futuristic about this 1942 Chevy AK: IMG_1467

A couple Plymouths, a 1968 GTX and a 1973 Duster 340: IMG_1538b

1969 Cougar convertible: IMG_1566

1972 Olds 442 convertible: IMG_1577

1975 Avanti II: IMG_1599

More pics here:
:love: that yellow Nomad..

As much as i love the General, its nice to see original ones :smile:
The first show of the year for me, was a small one held at a classic car dealership. It wasn't bad weather for the end of March (it was warmer that day then it is here today)

Outside (the actual show):

[sic] green one matches the one in the 1973 brochure: IMG_1301

I see you found Ranger XLT trim level :smile:

Is that Super Sport package?
night cub
The first show of the year for me, was a small one held at a classic car dealership. It wasn't bad weather for the end of March (it was warmer that day then it is here today)

Outside (the actual show):

Yellow Nomad: IMG_1276

Couple Chargers, neither in General Lee garb, which is nice: IMG_1294 IMG_1331

Couple old Ford pickups, green one matches the one in the 1973 brochure: IMG_1279 IMG_1301

Some early Camaros: IMG_1316 IMG_1333 IMG_1272

1961 Impala convertible: IMG_1343

Some older Mustangs: IMG_1273b IMG_1666

Duster: IMG_1282

1937 Ford and Chevy: IMG_1280 IMG_1281

Slick black Galaxie: IMG_1284

And a couple of Cutlasses: IMG_1310 IMG_1661

Full Album:
Mystery Man
This weekend is an event in my hometown where car dealers introduce new and old models. So I was there today and photographed some interesting vehicles. For the brand new models I will post an extra post on the "soon in movies" page.

At first, there were some lowered Seat Leons:

And the only American car: 30s Ford Model A

And now what you can expect in the east of Germany: cars from the GDR:

1964 IFA P3 of the NVA:

1959 Trabant P50

Of coures a Trabant 601

1990 Trabant 1.1

And a 1981 Mazda 323 FF, made for DDR

Finally some rallye BMWs:

3 Compact [E36/5]

3 Coupé [E36]
night cub
Last batch of pics from AC. All my batteries for my camera were dead, so I had to switch to my phone. I liked the pics better. When I got home, I realized that I never reset my camera before the show and the brightness level was too high. Anyway:

Something unusual, a 1954 GAZ 12-ZIM, probably the only one I'll ever see: IMG_1286

Another foreigner, a 1972 Lancia Flavia Coupe from France: IMG_1333

1951 Pontiac Sedan Delivery: IMG_1269_2

1956 Chrysler New Yorker: IMG_1281

1966 Buick GS: IMG_1278

1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo: IMG_1279

Several Olds, 1976 Delta 88 Royale coupe: IMG_1338

1990 Ninety-Eight Regency: IMG_1337

1995 Cutlass Supreme Coupe: IMG_1336

1983 Continental Mark VI Emilio Pucci: IMG_1282

1963 Volvo PV-544: IMG_1339

1976 Pontiac Astre: IMG_1364 IMG_1367

Another oddball, 1927 Rolls Royce Shooting Break: IMG_1389

1939 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Convertible Sedan: IMG_1369

And yes, I did survive Christine: IMG_1385

Rest of the album:
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