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That must be a very good dream, night cub :eek:
night cub
I had a weird one the other night. I was on my way to get a haircut and was leaving a convenience store, when I was stopped in the parking lot by several large forklifts carrying first gen Ford Falcons cutting through the parking lot to get to the salvage yard next door/behind the convenience store. None of the cars seemed to be smashed up, but they were worn out. I noticed a couple of them were Frontenacs, which I thought was weird being dropped off at a salvage yard in the US. Then after the Falcons came some 1968-1970 Plymouth Belvedere/Satellites, and after that some old Beetles. I looked over to the yard and noticed some VW Buses that had just been unloaded as well. I also saw a mint condition red Karmann Ghia coupe, sitting on top of a huge rack, another forklift was bringing it down off the top of the rack, I think for a customer.

So I managed to get my car out of the parking lot and drove to the intersection, where I saw that the police had the road closed and there were several car carriers with the junked cars down the street. Apparently, this was how they unloaded the cars for the salvage yard. The trucks parked down the street and the cars were fork lifted to the back entrance to the yard, which was in the parking lot of a Wawa.

I couldn't make a left turn and had to go forward through the intersection towards a highway entrance, and then I was awaken by the noisy dog next door.

I was really upsetting me to see all these old cars being dropped off at the salvage yard, where they were most likely going to be crushed.
Last night I dreamt that Mad Max had an accident with his Interceptor. All I found him in the left side of the car parked in the garage just sitting shell shocked in his street clothing. His car's front wheel is twisted inward and the door seems to be popped in propped position with some kind of green paint. That was it.
:eek: That was unexpected !
By extension, they already did.
A few nights ago , i was dreaming and in this one , there was a guy who was reading either a newspaper or a magazine but in it there was an article stating that Volkswagen was about to enter the motorcycle market.. then i woke up before the end of the page..
I just got that car dream . In it , i had many cars and lent some to a production company . I was extra in one of my cars ( some 80's/90's coupe, maybe one of the Cavalier/Sunbird duo ) with my mom and someone that i don't even know about .
We were in a parking lot and i kept looking back as the rear of my 1978-1980 Olds Cutlass Supreme coupe was getting closer, closer, closer and finally hit the car i was in . Then the other car backed up in the car i was in as well . Third one also ( all 3 were mine ) . They were not big bumps but just enough to feel the car move a little bit and getting me :angry: :bombe: a little bit more with each bump.. then i woke up

Thankfully , my Olds was overall treated way better than this one .. :whistle:
Last night I dreamt that I was watching a blurry video on a really old Panasonic TV.
It looks like that the video took place in an airport of Arabe.It is very empty,there is only dust and a couple of Arabic churches next to it.The first scene of it is a Toyota Sprinter Carib(JDM version) driving on the runway (safety car?)then the video suddenly focused on the car,and then it became a Toyota Landcruiser(LC80).Then a Airbus A380(?) came by and crashed into the car,and I woke up.
Last night, I dreamt that my car (2007 Chevrolet Aveo) somehow ends up in the parking lot looking like it has been joy riding there. two of my passenger side door has been replaced with red doors. I walked around to my driver side and got into my car. The interior light doesn't lit up. I tried to turn it on, but all I can see faint LEDs glowing. My steering column has been hacked and turned into rat rod. I started the car with my key and it started. I tried to turn on my headlights, but it didn't lit up and so my instrument panel also didn't lit up. My car was in a crooked position in the parking space. I tried to lift the rear and my rear wheel got crooked when I lift it up. I put my car down, but my rear wheel is still crooked. That is it (some of my dream always unfinished story :tongue: )
This morning I had one of the strangest, if not cinematic dreams of all. The Russian mob was there, driving - hold on to your seats - a non-Grand Chrysler Voyager [RT], European-spec even, racing up a flight of stairs, scattering people aside. I engaged in a chase with a weird red VW van that was a rebadged Renault Espace IV with a VW T7 rear and made a small fender bender.
The Voyager eventually screeched to a stop and the Russians got out, carrying a young woman screaming she was not Victoria Beckham and that they should let her go.

And somehow, Gordon Ramsay was in my dream as well, though he was mostly on the sideline…

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