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Hummer Codes
Published 09/03/2016 @ 21:44:11, By Sandie
Currently we are using HMC2, HMC4, HMCO, HMCS and VLCO as codes but in reality it is a bit more complicated than that.

Full(ish) list of codes here: (a couple are missing)

Joined the dots using the data here: this means that:

Single cab standard length pickups can be 1992-93 HMC2, 1993 HMCF (fleet model), 1993 HMR2 and 1994-1996 VLC2. We currently use just HMC2. The VLC2 and HMR2 are just two different names for the same thing. HMC2 makes sense as a default as the earliest one (none of our single cab Hummers can be identified as later than 1992. 2 are not seen well enough and one is identifiable as a 1992-93 model).

There was also an extended cab version introduced in 1994. This ran as XLC2 from 1994-2001 then as a fleet only K10 model designated KSC2 (not featured on the list of codes) from 2001-2006. They produced more of these than the normal cab but none yet on IMCDb. These ones are straightforward. Here's a pic comparing the length of the cab to the regular VLC2/HMC2etc:

Four door hardtop models are also very straightforward. These were designated HMC4 and ran from 1992-2003. There was also a K10 fleet version of this designated KSC4 from 2002-06 but only five were built. We just use the HMC4 code. Will we ever see a KSC4? Unlikely.

Wagons are similar to above. There was the 1992-2004 HMCS and a KSCS fleet model built in 2003 and 2006. The additional complication is that the 2006 'Alpha' civilian models had a different HMDS code. Up to now we only use HMCS. Should we use the HMDS code? We also have a possible KSCS here:

The really tricky ones are the open top ones. They seem to combine all the possible complexities above and more. They had a HMRO model in 1992-1993 that was then renamed VLCO from 1994-96. They also have a different code [HMDO] for the 2006 models. The standard model HMCO model ran in 1992-93 and it's not easy to differentiate from the HMRO. In 1994 only the VLCO was available and midway through the year the option of full-height doors was offered (with only 30 built). In 1995 the HMCO code was brought back for the full door open top which brings another problem... The half door VLCO ran until 1996. The full door HMCO ran until 2004 (it was the HMDO in 2006).

The problems is this: We only really use these codes to keep the various bodies apart. Do we use the more complex ones (the different codes for Alphas and fleet models)? Should we default all 1992-93 open models as HMCO and all full door open models as HMCO (as only a small number of VLCOs were built in this configuration before the HMCO was brought back)? Similarly, what should be the default code for the HMC2/VLC2 etc? HMC2 as it was first? VLC2 as it was most common?

All thoughts welcome :smile:
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