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Nice finds indeed :smile: I agree with Ccf.

About the customized Caprices, that's sad, they look so nicer in their original state...
I guess that these are a quite common old car in USA.

I agree. The customized ones just look stupid. And yes, they are quite common too, at least where I live. It's funny you should mention that, because the other day I took a short trip to the store and on my way I started to notice quite a few of them driving around. So I started counting and I saw a total of eight 1991-1996 Caprices just while driving about one mile! (Although one of them was a taxi, so I guess that one doesn't really count :grin: ) Another similar car that is quite common is the 1991-96 Buick Roadmaster Wagon (which is basically a Caprice wagon with a different grill). For some reason the Buick Wagon sold much better than the Caprice Wagon, and a ton more than the Oldsmobile wagon, which was only made for two years and had a total production of only 12,010 cars! That's compared to the almost 850,000 Caprices of that generation that were made (that includes the sedans)! That is why the Oldsmobile I posted was such an interesting car, it's one of only 12,000 made, and 15 years after production of the last one has stopped!

EDIT: By the way, are there even any of these cars around where you live? They would have to be imported, which seem pointless since the streets are much too tiny for such a collasal car and the gas prices are so high. I would be so sad living in a place where I didn't see Caprices (and Crown Vics for that matter) driving around each day like I do here :sad:
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