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"215 days without answer"? How could this have slipped by me? Perhaps spending loads of time away from the forums and the internet? :aidantai:

Very interesting topic if I do say so. I see that people have really shared their imaginative interest for cars on any of the occasions. I'd like to share mine with a little motivation

Winter - Healey Silverstone
Nothing can be more exhilarating than preparing myself from head to toe with winter jackets, scarfs, mittens, long-underwear and snow goggles and blasting out into the wilderness and plowing across the frozen lake. Chances are that this little champ will freeze up whenever a heavy load comes down. The best I can do is prepare to tweak it for that circumstance.

Summer - 1950 Buick
For me, kicking up dust with it's gurgling engine and malevolent grille leading the way, this is perhaps the best car to take out on the back roads. What better way that the enormous Buick was chosen by police officers and hitmen to conquer the city streets. It's like I'm welcomed to stop preserving history and live it when I grip the wheel and lean on the gas. I'm literally opening up the sound of purring monstrosities and letting it eat its way into my blood vessels as it stretches the miles.

Race car - Lola
Wait, I'm a fan of Le Mans and THX 1138? Sure and I'd like to have a car like this. I tuck and strap myself into the cockpit of wonders and blast my way onto an empty highway where the only thing going through my head is the droning sound of both a choir and pipe organ. Or the bellowing sound of brass (depending on the occasion). Both the wind that comes fourth from these instruments and that whisks past the sleekness of this car occurs in perfect unison. At the proper time, the horizon is the only thing in focus as the road, trees and signs are reduced to blurry forms that smear past my face.

School - Eliica
If you have a good heart and attitude with kids, you might just make friends with the neighbors when you do the favor of car pooling. "DUDE! Like this guy is so cool! He drives me and Courtney in an EIGHT WHEELED CAR! And and and it has lots of room! We can all play hacky sack! It's testicle kicking awesome! HE'S FRIENDS WITH MY DAD! AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Fuel Efficient - Moonbeam
This man had an epiphany for a 100 mpg car. He took a couple of Honda scooters and used the back of one to power what is now dubbed as the Moonbeam. What's more is that the process appears to be painstaking simple. Working out a creative practice like this is the type of carpal tunnel syndrome all pretentious computer wizards should be receiving.

75 and onward - 1932 Daimler

or Chrysler Concept 70X
Eh? Fuckin' A, I'm still alive and kickin'! I say "BAH!" to your fruit carts, mail boxes, garden gnomes and front doors! Let the police just try to catch me! I'm still a member of VaRaces! I've seen every car chase known to man!

Chauffeur - 1957 Cadillac Brougham
Basic. Just purely basic. Anything with a suicide door to the back seat is suggestive enough. At least I'm wide open for religious nuts attempting to get at my head.
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