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Imagine that these won't be so unusual to North American posters, but they weren't sold here and I suspect the EU-spec (this one is from NL by the plate) ones have all but died out now:

What is unusual is the headlights. For once, ours were flush and the European version were not. Same with the Grand Prix of that era.

I suspect some custom work, as ours had composite headlamps by that point like night cub said. Also looking at those screws(?) and blue tape over the sealed low-beams.

The blue tape over the headlights might be a crude attempt to correct their LHD geometry for british roads. The reverse of what british drivers did when holidaying on the continent, using black stickers over the headlights of their Cavaliers, Ambassadors and Sierra Sapphires (all towing caravans, obvs).

As for the car, it is indeed a Euro-spec Beretta. I remember the early ones, around 1990-91, kept their original headlights, but for some reason, when 1992 came, most EU-spec GM cars got uglified with sealed-beams their north-american brethren never got.

But here's the odd thing : the dutch "AH" plate series is for imported oldtimers ! And yet there it is, issued on 28-03-2000 for an eight-year-old car. The first registration dates from 20-01-1992.
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