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night cub
4th Generation Cadillac Escalade ESV (2015-2020)

These have long been screwed up because of an error that was on Wikipedia. It's part of the GMTK2 trucks, and both the short and long wheelbase versions were listed as being code "XL". The "XL" is only the short wheelbase models, and matches the codes for the Tahoe and the Yukon. The ESV should be code "YL", which matches the codes for the Suburban and Yukon XL. People are still adding these as "XL" and they have never been changed to be correct.

So please change all 2015-2020 ESV's to chassis code = GMT2KYL 020&makeMatch=2&make=cadillac&modelMatch=1&model=escalade+esv&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=- on&mk=&origin=&madein=&madefor=&role=

And since a lot of the regular Escalades are missing chassis codes, please add GMTK2XL to those: 020&makeMatch=2&make=cadillac&modelMatch=2&model=escalade+&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=- on&mk=&origin=&madein=&madefor=&role=&page=2

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