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Checker A8 to A12
Published 27/07/2010 @ 01:35:24, By 130rapid
"Modern Checker" model year visual changes' summary: - Mararthon boot lid badge.jpg

1957 - First modern Checker (A8) introduced in December 1956.
1959 - Restyled Checker (A9) with dual headlights.
(1958-1960 - "Armbruster & Company" of Fort Smith Arkansas converted a number of Checkers A8/A9s into 6- and 8-door limousines for export to the Middle East, particularly Turkey).
1960 - Superba (name till 1964) for private owners (A10 code). The switch plastic to metal hood ornament.
1961 - The best equipped Superba Special became Superba Marathon. New redesigned grill end with square front indicators in Marathon only. Marathon also with chrome-plated spear that came from the front fender into the rear door that wasn't found on Superba.
14" wheels instead 15" in sedans.
1962 - A11/A12 instead A10. 6- or 8-door Aerobus wagons' (introduced late 1961) and 4-door 129" wheelbase Town Custom Limousine (A11E) production started. Bumpers with center dips instead straight one.
1963 - Sedans switched back to 15" wheels. New grill with square indicators in other sedans.
1964 - "Superba" name dropped at last.
1967? - Small round retroreflective sidemarkers with clear lenses.
1968 - 1.5" taller front windsheld, bigger back one also.
1969 - Small round sidemarkers with yellow lenses. Last 6-door Aerbous made.
1970 - Bigger round sidemarkers.
1971 - Enlarged front indicators. Separate reversing lights. Rear plate light in tail wall instead mounted in bumper.
1973 - Bumpers with telescopic dampers.
1974 - Huge aluminium bumpers. Last 8-door Aerobus station wagon built.
1975 - "Unleaded Fuel Only" label over filler cap.
1976-1977 - Assembling short series of 8-door Aerobus sedans.
1978 - Paralell wipers instead opposite (introduced in fall of 1977). Interior mirror glued to windshield. Filler cap (mounted on tail wall still) higher and slanted due to safety regulations. Low side strips in Marathon (A12). A bit smaller round sidemarkers probably.
1981 - Two rear plate lights.

* * *
How to distinguish Taxicab and Marathons?

"Taxicab" (A8 / A9 / A11) for fleets.
Less bright on first sight - no side strips, overriders on demand, no wheelcovers or small one, dull aluminium bumpers in 1974+ cars.

"Superba" and "Marathon" (A10/A12) dedicated for private customers.
Richier "jewellery" on first sight - long side chrome strips, "Marathon" side badges, full wheelcovers, overriders and white sidewalls on demand, polished aluminium bumpers in 1974+ cars, more retroreflective elements in tail lights.

* * *
Images get it easy... :sol:

Bumpers' shape:
1962-1973 (in 1973 MY bumpers were more protruding) 1962.jpg

since 1974 1978.jpg

Front indicator:
1961 (in A10 Marathon only), 1962-1970 all cars - front indicator oval 1966.jpg

since 1971 - front indicator oval 1981.jpg

Front windshield and wipers:

to 1967 - windshield pre-1967.jpg

1968-1977 - windshield 1968.jpg

1978-1982 - windshield 1978.jpg

Rear windshield. Right one to 1967, left since 1968. - back windshields both.jpg

Filler cap:
to 1974 (here 1966) cap 1966.jpg
1975-1977 - filler cap 1975.jpg
1978-1982 - filler cap 1981.jpg
Many 1978+ cars had black plastic cap instead chrome.

Propane (1982 only) cars - filler cap propan 1981.jpg

to 1966 - none.
1967-1968 retroreflectors: - front sidemarker 1967.jpg - back sidemarker white.jpg

1969 only - front sidemarker 1969 2.jpg - back sidemarker small.jpg

1970-1977 sidemarker 1974.jpg - back sidemarker large.jpg

since 1978 sidemarker 1977.jpg

Tail light:
1966 Marathon - tail light Marathon 1966.jpg

1975 Taxicab - tail light TaxiCab 1975.jpg
Tail plate light
to 1970 light 1966.jpg

1971-1979 - rear plate and boot lid handle 1975.jpg
1980-1982 - rear plate and boot lid handle 1981.jpg

Various types of lid lock used in 1966-1982 period simulatenously - turning handle with key lock, push-up handle with separate lock, special "bulletproof" lock, or just lonely key lock (most popular).

1966 1966.jpg
1975 1975.jpg
1978 1977.jpg

Marathon side strips:

to 1977 - Side strip type 1.jpg
1978-1982 - Side strip type 2.jpg
1978-1982 de Luxe - Side strip type 3 deLuxe 1978.jpg

Perfect original cars' samples with no doubt:

1957 Taxicab Checker.jpg

1959 Taxicab Checker.jpg

1960 Superba Checker Superba.jpg

1962 Marathon Checker.jpg

1966 Marathon Checker.jpg Checker 2.jpg

1967 Marathon Checker 2.jpg

1968 Marathon Checker.jpg

1969 Marathon Checker Wagon.jpg

1971 Taxicab 1971.jpg

1972 Marathon Checker Wagon.jpg

1975 Taxicab Checker.jpg

1980 with optional "Formal Roof" Checker.jpg

1981 Marathon Checker.jpg

Outstanding Checker history page:

Latest Edition: 24/10/2012 @ 23:46:39
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Checker A8 to A12
Published 14/09/2023 @ 23:20:42, By Skywatcher68
Somebody on another form I belong to recently spotted a Medicar.
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