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Ford assembly outside country of origin
Published 02/03/2015 @ 17:30:33, By dsl
As we're having various discoveries/list compilations of Fords built in strange places, probably worth just listing the pages where these are being discussed for quick reference

Ford Rhodesia 1961-67 (now Zimbabwe)

Ford Singapore

Ford Venezuela

Ford Israel 1968-81+ (uncertain end date)

Ford Taunus mid-60s to mid-70s
(plus side comments about RHD sources in and )

Ford Cortinas - my best list from various sources. All other info welcome - this might be an evolving task rather than definitive.
- Ireland (Cork) - Mk3-5 confirmed, Mk1-2 unknown)
- NL (Amsterdam) - Mk2 & Mk3 only. The only production site anywhere for 1969-70 1600E 2-door, which was EU export only - no RHD made and not sold in UK.
- Belgium/Genk - Mk4 and Mk5 (basically just rebadging of Taunus TC2 and TC3, plus Genk was only source for UK of 2.3 V6 versions and of Mk5 2 door versions - these were very rare in UK and only sold as 1300/1600 base and L models; most were used for Motability disabled schemes, but a supply of 2 doors in various trims/engines was also essential for the Crayford Mk5 convertibles - 30 made - Crayford did the design and Carbodies built them. The 35 Mk4 convertibles were built inhouse by Crayford)
- Portugal (Mk4/5 confirmed, earlier Marks unknown)
- Malta (Mk2 definite, unknown if any Mk1 or Mk3)
- Aus (Mk1-5)
- NZ (Mk1-5)
- South Africa (Mk1-5; includes all Pickup/P100 production Mk3-5)
- Rhodesia (1964-67 - definitely Mk1, unknown if any Mk2)
- Taiwan (Mk3-5 confirmed, unknown if anything earlier)
- Korea (as Hyundai, Mk2 onwards)
- Vietnam (details unknown - regard as provisional reference)
- Thailand (Mk1-3 confirmed, Mk4/5 unknown)
- Philippines (Mk2-5, not Mk1)
- Singapore/Malaysia (Mk2-5, possible Mk1 as well but info unclear)
- Pakistan (listed from 1967-81, start/end dates and Marks unknown but Mk2-5 seem likely, Mk1 possible)
- Venezuela (Mk2 confirmed, other Marks unknown)

Nothing Cortina found for other Ford UK sites eg Turkey, Israel, Costa Rica, or any other S American production (eg Peru)

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