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End of an era - Aadlen Brothers Junkyard
Published 01/12/2015 @ 21:04:06, By CougarTim
Aadlen Brothers is probably the most filmed junkyard on Earth. We have visited their sprawling 26-acre property countless times via IMCDb, and there always seems to be some new treasure for us. Just about every major Hollywood television show you can name has filmed there going back decades. So have dozens of movies, commercials, and music videos.

A full list would be nigh impossible, but just to give a few examples:

Now, Nathan Adlen (the second 'A' was added to the business's name to ensure first listing in the phone book) is closing up the family shop and selling everything. Official close of business will be January 1, 2016, with an auction on December 31 of everything remaining.

The double-decker bus reduced to scrap in the video appears on the site here:

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