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Flickr links (and other photo sites)
Published 25/05/2020 @ 15:02:36, By dsl
Just a passing thought, but many of us add comment/info links from Flickr pages if we find photos there of a particular car. When I do, I often put a mirror link on the Flickr page back to our page - usually something simple like "Seen in 2017 TV series (title)" and the imcdb page url. This often gets a comment back thanking for the link and sometimes with a bit more info.

Question - should we collectively try to do this as normal procedure? Seems it's polite thing to do, possibly also a good thing for the general ethos of spreading online information, and perhaps might even recruit new followers to imcdb. (I don't think so far my links have brought in any active contributors, but definite feeling that it's brought in a few passive watchers).

Do other imcdb folk do this already? Are there other contribution-driven library sites which we use for reference where similar 2-way traffic could be appropriate?
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