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Sites that can help
Published 17/08/2021 @ 16:52:49, By dhill_cb7
Hello everyone!

As you may or may not have noticed I have asked antp if we could possibly add a section for VIN decoding sites, part sites that give more information, and other sites that can provide build sheets or date of manufacture.

I don't want to hoard the sites I have found over the years and frankly I sometimes forget they exist if we haven't had any VINs to decode for quite some time.

I have a few areas where I will be adding sites (I will edit this post) from my favorites, bookmarks and from memory. ANYONE can add their own sites that they use.

(*Disclaimer some makes and VINs do not work on all sites*) - normally will provide build sheets in the additional information field. Generally the top section could/can get misconstrued as the 10th digit gets reused so I recommend scrolling down to the additional information section. I will show you how this section is accurate below. - This is a European part site that provides the build sheet. This build sheet will be identical to the build sheet. - Another decent VIN decoding site. Not always accurate but still a decent site to double check VINs. - Works to pull Opel build sheets. However, it seems older models do not pull any data. - this site will help pull the manufacture date and country region where the BMW was originally sold. This also provides the chassis code. There might be other features such as VIN decoding here but I haven't tried to really use it more except to get the manufacture date/region. - provides accurate build sheets for Mercedes Benz. Older Benz models do not seem to pull a lot of information (1980s and earlier). This has proven to be accurate up to 2019. I believe, 2020+, the build sheets no longer are 100% accurate. I believe I read somewhere on the forums that MB recycled numbers in the VINs? I'd have to dig up the forum where I read this.. - Works on older Fords in the UK/EU. Not always accurate on newer Fords (mid-2000s+) but again I have used to cross reference other sites. - very helpful for Japanese and European Imports. Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Kia, Nissan, & Mitsubishi. You plug in the frame number or VIN. - Great Toyota build date/frame number/region/motor/trim. However, as we have seen prior to the 1990s this site has shown incorrect data. Everything newer seems to be accurate when cross referenced.

Edit 9.16.21
Found a part site for Ford (possibly other makes) VINs that provides build sheets (useful for Transits and other Fords with a German WMI but built elsewhere).

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
Helps to decode VINs (I use it for the plant assembly as my PDF below does not list the plants).

Edit 9.30.21

*These sites are PDFs that breakdown chassis codes/VINs/manuals.*

Nissan Global which has different names per market:
Nissan chassis/project codes:

Mazda BT-50 training manual - unknown date?:

Wayback machine for an older Volvo PDF which breaks down the chassis codes & project codes: fm?event=viewFile&fileName=TJ19245-2014-02-06.pdf&hash=56909628D48CBD483FEBEE3D4F44ED25

Ford Sweden guide to different names:

*please note these PDFs are discussable as they may not be 100% accurate.*

GM VIN breakdown PDF:

I have a decent amount more. All for now. I will update this later :wink:

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Sites that can help
Published 18/08/2021 @ 10:55:33, By Jnglmpera
For J-spec cars where you can pull the VIN (not that that's common...), each makers have grade search system on their websites. Unfortunately they aren't really as comprehensive as dhill's VIN decoders, plus some of these manufacturers barely go back to even the 2000s... :ohwell:

Toyota -
Nissan -
Honda - (have to agree to TOS first; however they're the most comprehensive out of all brands)
Subaru -
Mazda - (passenger car only)
Mitsubishi -
Daihatsu -
Suzuki -

I hope they aren't region locked...

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