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Renault Fluence
Published 27/11/2023 @ 13:40:49, By 48bux
Spin off by this:

Always wondered if the correct origin for the Fluence would be France or South Korea. Car was unveiled and first produced in South Korea as Renault Samsung SM3 in June 2008 and then produced in Turkey for selected European markets since November 2009.
This official Renault PDF doesn't really state if it was developed at Samsung R&D (page 17):
This official press documents at least says when production started at worldwide sites: so I believe many starting years have to be changed on the site (first Turkish/European MY is 2010, 4/2011+ for Russia and India, 2011MY for most of South America)
This Australian road test cites European engineering:

@AleX_DJ, if you'd like to chime in :hello:
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